Mindfulness Panel Discussion

Discover how mindfulness can help you reduce stress, enhance focus, and cultivate inner peace amidst life's chaos.

Panelists will share:

- The many benefits of mindfulness

- Obstacles to mindfulness and how to overcome them

- Tools and strategies to navigate life's challenges with greater clarity and resilience.

The AutoImmune Hour

Grounding Techniques for HSPs

Interview on the award-winning Autoimmune Hour Podcast, with host Sharon Saylor. Some of the things we discuss are:

• Simple ‘grounding’ techniques to enhance health and reduce stress

• How to incorporate and appreciate your uniqueness as an HSP

• Strategies to welcome your sensitivity into your everyday life

• How to share with others what you need and be open to receive

And more including, it’s okay to be a highly sensitive person!

How to Survive Narcissistic Parents

As a guest on the HSP TV Show, I chat with host Barbera Schouten about How to Survive Narcissistic Parents. In this episode we talk about:

🌎 What it is like to grow up with narcissistic parents

🌎 What it is like being an HSP/Empath

🌎 What happens when an HSP/Empath grows up with a narcissistic parent

🌎 Consequences of growing up with a narcissistic parent

🌎 How you can heal yourself from the damage done by the narcissistic abuse

🌎 Tips on how to deal with a narcissistic parent

🌎 And much more.....

When Passion Meets Profit Podcast

How to Thrive as an HSP

Today's episode of When Passion Meets Profit includes a very special guest, Linda Binns.

Linda Binns is an accomplished energy coach. As an introverted, highly sensitive, and empathic person, she understands how difficult it can be to thrive in a world where you’re seen as being very different. As someone who was not expected to succeed, she has overcome many challenges, including being divorced, homeless, and in-debt, and surpassed everyone’s expectations, especially her own. Her mission is to help professional women love themselves and their life by releasing the invisible emotional energy and pain that makes them feel unhappy and stressed, no matter what they do.

II think you'll enjoy the story of her journey and I can't wait for you to listen.

The HSP Awakening Virtual Summit
How to Step up And Be Heard as an HSP

If you are highly sensitive and introverted as well, you probably know how difficult and exhausting it can be to be heard above all the noise that’s out there.

So many people have so much to say, often it’s just easier to just stay quiet. In this interview, Linda shares 3 simple steps that, when you follow them, will allow you to change that experience and be heard when you want to be.

My Steps to Sobriety Podcast
High Sensitivity and Addiction

Because of constant, intense sensory input, it’s easy for people who are highly sensitive to become over-stimulated. They often turn to alcohol or drugs to manage the sensory overload and emotional overwhelm.

In this episode of the My Steps to Sobriety podcast, Linda discusses this issue with host, Dr. Stephan Neff.

From Betrayal to Breakthrough Podcast
The Link Between Betrayal and Sensitivity

Betrayal can be devastatingly painful, and when you’re a highly sensitive person, you can feel so much more than others. Sadly, people can—and will—judge you for that. How many times have you heard people telling you that you’re letting your emotions get the better of you? That might be because you’re more empathetic than most. That’s not something you should be ashamed of. In fact, that’s what makes you unique.

In today’s insightful episode of From Betrayal to Breakthrough, Linda Binns teaches us to embrace our uniqueness and continue thriving even in a non-inclusive world.

The Shrimp Tank Podcast

Harnessing Your Energy and Being Highly Sensitive

Linda Binns chats with hosts Linda Popky and Dan Whedon about how to thrive professionally as a highly sensitive person


Linda Binns

The Breakthrough Energy Expert

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