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My work with Linda has proven valuable beyond measure and goes way beyond simple energy "leaks". Linda's insight is uncanny. Her ability to gently guide and probe for clues to where and how I am sabotaging my potential have resulted in significant breakthroughs. Linda has taught me to look for answers within – which will save me thousands of dollars in programs that sound like "just what I need" - and provided tools and guidance in how to look within.”
- Nancy

I love Linda’s practical and straight-forward approach. She manages to avoid all the fluff and hype and shares information that is easy to understand and apply. Linda is both knowledgeable and intuitive. She has a wonderful ability to identify what’s important and to identify the most effective strategy for the situation. Linda helps you achieve optimum results quickly and easily.”
- Rebecca

“I am thrilled at the results I have achieved in just a few short months given your expert tutelage and support in changing my energy around money and finances. There were things holding me and my family back from our dreams that have been released. We are beginning to plan big and make significant changes. My husband and I have strengthened our relationship and the power dynamic is back in balance as we are equal partners in creating wealth. You are amazing and I will not hesitate to offer a recommendation to others. ”

- Gina

I can’t thank you enough for your Inner Mastery Program. I’m only two lessons in and have experienced the most profound shift. I used to be petrified to take my mind off of financial striving, for fear of not having enough. With your program, I’ve focused on creating ease and peace in my life, and at the same time created a better income than I’ve experienced in years.

It’s nice to know I don’t have to live in total chaos in order to make a very good living.”

- Mary

“When I look back on the past 5 weeks I can’t believe how much I have changed. I feel like I have more control, more peace in my life. I’m more accepting of others, I have a better relationship with my brother, not so jealous, more loving relationship. Same with my mom. I feel like I’m releasing a lot of things that I have had inside for a long time.”

- Marie

"Over the past weeks I have seen parts of myself I didn't realize existed and they shook me to my core. My focus has shifted way from trying to figure out my next career move to paying attention to myself. I am relaxing into whatever is to be and not trying to control it. Surrendering.  My struggles are in seeing my stuff that gets in the way. It's easier to see after I have created a drama. "

- Beth

"With Linda's gentle and compassionate approach, I became aware of some very suppressed emotions and memories. She provided great tools and techniques for me to use way beyond the workshop. I haven't felt this optimistic in over a year and for the first time I truly feel that I CAN be Unstoppable! I am indebted to Linda for helping me with this inner spiritual journey.”

- Joni

"I had a wonderful moment of clarity about fear. I have allowed fear way too much power over me in my life. It doesn't have to be that way. It's so obvious all of a sudden. In trying to sort it out, I realized that there were 5 different things contributing to the fear of this moment.”

- Tracey


"When I first came to Linda I was in a state of chaos. Everything seemed like it was in turmoil to different degrees, my house, my marriage, my business. After coaching from Linda, things began to change in small ways. My life wasn’t so chaotic. I became clearer on what I needed to do and who I needed to be to make things change and that I was fully capable of making those changes in my life if I set my mind to it. I had a new way of looking at my life and really started to see progress. My relationship with my husband is much healthier now as I was ready to throw in the towel...I was so angry. My business had its biggest quarter ever and continues to thrive in a not so great economy and my house is a much more enjoyable place to be. I can’t say enough about Linda’s coaching. She is phenomenal and won’t allow you to “stay small” for long!”


Linda Binns

The Breakthrough Energy Expert

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