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As an introverted, intuitive, and highly sensitive person, I was raised to believe that there was something wrong with me, because I was not like others. I constantly heard messages like:

"Why can't you be more like this person or that person;"

"Stop taking things so personally;"

"You're too sensitive."

As a result, I truly believed there must be something wrong with me. I had no confidence or self-esteem, and I learned from an early age how to become invisible. I didn't want to be noticed, because when I was noticed in my family, the message I received was how wrong I was.

When I began working in the corporate world, I put 100% effort into everything I did, but I was constantly afraid that my bosses would find out there was something wrong with me and I didn't really know what I was doing.

Instead, the opposite happened. My bosses were delighted with my work, I was promoted - and yet I still felt like an imposter.

My studies on energy began with an interest in natural medicine. I studied holistic nutrition and obtained my Bachelors Degree. I was fascinated by the body's ability to heal itself when given the right nutrients, and with the right mindset.

I was so excited by what I learned that I realized I had to share this information with other people. I decided to start my own coaching business, and just after I did, I was introduced to Feng Shui - and learned the impact our environments have on us and how much we can change by working with the energy. I studied to become a Feng Shui Practitioner.

I studied everything I could about the energy of our bodies, and the energy of our environment, as well as amazing tools, such as aromatherapy, herbs, kinesiology, Reiki, the Enneagram, Human Design, and many more.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to share, because I saw just how much control we do have in our lives. When you work with energy, you can turn any situations and experiences around.

Running my own business has forced me to address all my issues around not feeling good enough, of having no confidence or self-esteem. Once I realized all of this was conditioning that was forced upon me, I knew I had the power to change it, and that's what I've done.

I discovered who I was BEING, and how that came from the false beliefs that I had. I leaned into who I wanted to be, and my transformation began.

As I learned more about the traits of high sensitivity, which I now know applies to 20-30% of the population, I began to see that there never was anything wrong with me. I just wasn't the same as the people around me, and they made me feel wrong because of that.

Now I know how to make the most of my traits of high sensitivity, empathy, and introversion.

I realized that the majority of people I work with are also highly sensitive. This happened naturally, because I understand and accept them exactly as they are, and I know how to empower them.

I've worked with many HSPs who have suffered and struggled just as I did. They are brilliant and talented, and they are not able to see it because they've been made to feel wrong for being who they are, and they struggle to fit in.

It seems heart-breaking to me that the word 'sensitive' has such a negative association, that those who are highly sensitive have to hold themselves, back, and try to force themselves to fit in with other people's expectations and needs, rather than being able to fully be themselves.

I work with many amazing and brilliant women who know they are capable of and deserve so much more, but they are exhausted from trying to fit in with what everyone else wants. They are not free to fully express themselves.

It's my mission now to bring these women together, and to empower them to thrive by applying 3 foundational principles:

  1. Self-Awareness: understanding yourself at the deepest levels, so you know who you are and who you want to become.

  2. Release: Learning how to release everything that's held you back, such as old beliefs and conditioning, other people's energy and expectations, and the idea that you have to be like anyone else.

  3. Alignment: Knowing how to come into energetic alignment - matching who you really are with what you really want.

As someone who suffered terribly from low confidence and self-esteem, and who was terrified of speaking in front of people, I have accomplished things I never even thought possible.

From coaching and consulting, to being a published author of several books, to being a radio, podcast and even television guest. I'm living proof that when you apply these 3 principles, and learn how to master your energy and the energy around you, anything is possible.

I have a deep affinity with animals and with nature, I love to read and knit, I play tennis (and am learning pickleball), I love hiking and travelling and am constantly doing the inner work needed to become the best version of myself that I can be.

I'd love to get to know you and to help you do the same.

To your continued health, success and happiness,

Body & mind in harmony

Personal fulfillment

Work-life balance

Freedom & quality of life


Linda Binns

The Breakthrough Energy Expert

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