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Linda Binns is an introverted, intuitive, and highly sensitive person who became a small business owner, author, international speaker, radio and television guest, consultant, and coach. Her goal now is to guide you to thrive in your own personal and professional life.

Her childhood experiences left her unprepared to face life’s challenges. She felt inadequate and different from everybody else - like an outsider. She felt she had nothing of value to contribute. When she reached working age, she worked harder and was more conscientious than most of her co-workers; perhaps, trying to prove that she was a good person after all. Little by little, her confidence increased as she was acknowledged for her efforts and promoted. As she became more successful in her career, she took on more responsibilities, and learned a lot about herself and relationships. After one failed marriage she met her husband to be, and his support and ability to make her laugh have led to a lasting and happy marriage.

While her experiences in various careers in the corporate world were invaluable, she didn’t find fulfillment there. In 1997, she started my own energy coaching and consulting practice. She was compelled to step far outside of her comfort zone in order to do self-promotion and to interact effectively with clients.

Many times she struggled with relationships (both personally and professionally) until she discovered the right tools. Now, her greatest joy is to share and discover with you just how you can achieve the highest levels of success and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

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