Value Me! Benefits of Being a Highly Sensitive Professional

It's an unfortunate fact that many highly sensitive people are unhappy at work and/or struggling in their businesses. They feel misunderstood, undervalued and appreciated.

The trait of high sensitivity brings with it some unique challenges, one of which is that when we try to fit in with other people's expectations or their idea of what works, we can struggle, because we are different. What works for others doesn't work for us.

This book shares simple, straightforward strategies to help you have more positive experiences in your professional life, so you feel valued, appreciated and fulfilled.


Feng Shui for Your Relationships: Changing Your Environment to Create Better Relationships

Whether it's your spouse, or significant other, your family, children, boss, co-workers or the person at the check-out, there are many people with whom you interact every day. We have many relationships in our lives that don't always function as well as we wish they would.

Learn how to use the principles of Feng Shui to make simple changes in your home or work environment to bring about positive change and improvements in all your relationships.

In each chapter you will learn how to identify key areas that affect your relationships and simple strategies to improve the energy around them.


30 Energy Tips to Improve Your Income

Small changes really can make a very big difference.

The tips and ideas in this simple book can help you transform your energy, so you transform your financial life.

They may seem simple, but they make a profound difference.

These are techniques I use with my clients in my Change Your Energy, Change Your Income Program, where participants experience amazing shifts, transforming their connection to and relationship with money. They can do the same for you.


30 Energy Tips to Improve Your Health

Are you sabotaging your own health?

Most people are. Even though you may think you're doing all the right things to improve your health, you may be sabotaging your efforts in ways that you don't even realize.

The simple tips and techniques in this book will help you change and improve your energy - and when you change your energy, you can and will change anything - especially your health.


30 Energy Tips for Selling Your Home

Are you trying to sell your home without any luck?

The simple tips and strategies in this book can help your home sell quickly.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, Linda regularly worked with realtors whenever they had a home that just wouldn't sell.

When a home won't sell, there are very often energetic reasons, that you may be unaware of. This book will show you what works.


30 Energy Tips for Your New Home

When you move into a new home, you have the perfect opportunity to ensure that the energy supports you and your family in the best and most positive way possible.

The energy in your home represents you and every aspect of your life. It can support you or even sabotage you.

Use the tips and strategies in this book to ensure that your home supports you in the best and most balanced way.


Know Yourself Journal

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." - Aristotle

This is a blank journal with helpful quotes at the beginning of every page to inspire you.

Become an observer of yourself and your life, notice what is going on within you and around you - it is the key to personal growth.

Want to Become Clear on Where Your Energy Should be Focused?

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Linda Binns

The Breakthrough Energy Expert

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